The Chairs History, Old Age, EGITO

It is in the Old Age, more precisely in Egypt, we find record of the oldest chairs of history. The stool as their great predecessors, its evolution began when they started being manufactured with rounded seats, demonstrating an existing concern of combining comfort to its aesthetics….


SER Collection by Todeschini Inc – The house’s heart

No wonder that Todeschini tops the list of the  planned furniture companies  in Brazil. Repeating the 2013′ recipe Todeschini maintains the status of being a Incorporation that follows concepts and philosophies. Its thick catalog, relaxed, full of Brazilities with good visual and intellectual content show it…

The Chairs History

More than drawing, the design is solving problems and meeting needs in a creative and innovative way, developing projects that change people’s life. Among the many inventions of mankind, one of the most explored objects by designers is the chair. One of the most commonly used…


Case | Rudnick Planned

The partnership with Rudnick Furniture has already a long history, but this work in particular has a debut taste. That’s because the new proposal was a little more comprehensive than its predecessors. This time, we are willing to create the same identity concept for all environments,…

Todeschini Projects | Identity Collection

Permeate the different cultures that make up the DNA of Brazil was the proposal for this amazing piece of marketing. The cultural influence of our many settlers is present in every environment without forgetting the spicy touch that only Brazilians have. We seek to show the…

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