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3D environment creation for Time Marks Collection by Durafloor and Casa Claudia Magazine

Our partnership with Durafloor is another one of those that fill us with pride. The ties that narrowed over time have enabled works with results increasingly excellent, due to the direct channel for dialogue and participation in the creation of both parties, which made all the difference in the end result.

After receiving the concepts and references of floors and environments to be released in 2015, it was up to us from FrameOne of the mission to develop the visual representation of these products. Each room has visual elements reinforce the concept of each line, serving also as an application and decoration reference to the final consumer.

A beautiful work done for the dissemination of new standards in laminate floors and LVT Durafloor, with 14 colors in laminated lines and 14 LVT (vinyls last generation). In total, 28 new standards. The big highlight was the Time Marks Collection in a developed partnership with the magazine Casa Claudia, possessing 6 wooden patterns with features that recall the past, recalling the old marks on the wood left by the time and making clear reference to the protection of desire , comfort and warmth usually found inside mothers and grandmother’s. Undoubtedly represent the rescue and appreciation of the passage of time.

  • Watch the release video of Time Marks Collection:

  • 3D environments we have created for Time Marks Collection:

frameone durafloor marcas do tempo burgosframeone durafloor marcas do tempo canela frameone durafloor marcas do tempo madero 1  frameone durafloor marcas do tempo salinas frameone durafloor marcas do tempo vigo



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