3D Environment with high quality to Alcoa

The Alcoa (Aluminum Company of America) is among the three biggest aluminum company in the world with headquartered in USA. The company began in 1886 in Pittsburgh City, Pennsylvania.

The company has established in Brazil since 1965, thay have worked in all metal productive chain, from mining of the bauxite to the production of the processed and of high value-added. (Source: Wikipedia/BR)

In this release the Alcoa has shown the Nova Gold Collection, a system of aluminum frames, focused on the residential segment, and we from FrameOne, were the responsible by the creation of 3d environment that highlight theses products.


Besides composing the materials for advertisement, our goal for the images was to please architects and end consumers.

Our intention to the 3d environment concept was to show the elegant reality by using these products. The style used in the ambience was very contemporary with roots in the brazilian high standard architectures. Which enhanced the product to a higher level.




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