A Loft with industrial design for Móveis Provincia

The project Stilo from Móveis Provincia was born as a solution against the mains streams of the market.

“In this period of uncertainty and economic instability, we saw the market launching products that appeal only on low prices, and in doing a general analysis of this scenario, we see that our partners needed a significant competitive advantage that would put them at a different level of product so they could leave this price war”, says Marco Costa, marketing manager at Móveis Província.

For the company, this was the idea that guided its product development team to create a line with striking design, unique finishes and accessories that increase the perceived value of your furniture. The result was a beautiful, functional and extremely competitive line.

Also according to Marco Costa, “to sell this idea, it became necessary to produce images that match its conception, in this case, the challenge was to present a line with innovative concept, never taking the focus out of the product, and give life to this project, we have counted on our partnership with FrameOne, which produces images with singular excellence and assists in the positioning of products against the competition. “

And so the challenge had been launched. Província was waiting such a different solution as its new products line. And in response, we had the idea of creating a loft with industrial design, with a strong identity and other matching attributes.

With extensive research on industrial design and elements that comes with its style, we created a full loft that served as a stage for various furniture fittings from Móveis Província. We chose a room with old wooden floors, walls with rustic appeal of apparent air conditioning ducts, mezzanine… All designed to convey the grandeur that the industrial style requires.

And the result was surprisingly positive! An unprecedented innovation within the industry in which the company operates.

We hope you it enjoy as much as we enjoyed!

01. Inspirations:



02. Project Design:



03. The loft, ready for the shooting 3D productions.



04. Work results with the products in the loft and decoration:

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