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The partnership with Rudnick Furniture has already a long history, but this work in particular has a debut taste. That’s because the new proposal was a little more comprehensive than its predecessors.

This time, we are willing to create the same identity concept for all environments, thus leaving each of them with the same visual language and common characteristics that could express the values of Rudnick Furniture to their customers.

For this, we showed a mood board with several images containing the company’s values, which served as a reference in the creation of ambients for new furniture release designed by Rudnick.

01. Mood-board com os valores do cliente


Next, we move to the phase of enviroment creation.

A handmade sketch, we set off to the start of ambient modeling in 3D. We created the furniture and then chose the finishes and decoration. Note that we started from scratch, that is, first think about the composition of the picture as a whole rather than viewing it from a pre-set modulation and finishes.

02. Mood-board design to Kitchen



03.1. Handmade Sketch

03 cozinha rudnick sketch

03.2. Modeling and choice of finishes

03 cozinha rudnick cores

03.3. The Result

03 cozinha rudnick


This new proposal provided more creative freedom to compose the images. And the result you can check below:

04. Bedroom

01-dormitorio-rudnick-sketch 01 dormitorio rudnick


05. Curve Kitchen

02-cozinha-rudnick-sketch 02 cozinha rudnick


06. Bathroom

04-banheiro-rudnick-sketch 04 banheiro rudnick


06. Living Room

05-sala-estar-rudnick-sketch 05 sala estar rudnick


07. Kitchen

06-cozinha-rudnick-sketch 06 cozinha rudnick


You can see more projects on website of Rucnick –

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