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House Project 1 – Todeschini

Today we are going to talk about the 3D ambient project from CASA 1, collection SER, from Todeschini.

Casa 1 is the ideal place to recharge energies. a modern country house where minimalistic architecture with straight and simple lines that balances with materials such as leather, wood, stone and rustic fabrics such as linen and kilim.

The fireplace keeps the living room warm, where good moments can be enjoyed, whether with the family and friends pleasant company, reading a good book or just appreciating the outside view through the large windows.

moodboard casa 1 todeschini frameone

projeto frameone todeschini sketch


We based this house in the pure and authentic Brazilian architecture. The furniture project was developed in order to merge to materials applied to the architecture and yet sports the sober stance of the house. Furthermore the furniture is used as a ambient divisor.

Simple roof with round metallic pillars shows the identity the house has. All the flooring is made of semi-glow white material with some marks, giving it a almost handmade look.  Some coverings in wood and stone binds nature with the house’s soul. The translucent white curtains integrated with the blue natural light (blue hour), that is the main lighting in this job. We have also put people moving in the ambient, as it is usual in architectural photography.

Take a look at the images and videos:


1 sala todeschini frameone 2 sala todeschini frameone 3 sala todeschini frameone


4 cozinha todeschini frameone 5 cozinha todeschini frameone 6 cozinha todeschini frameone


8 quarto todeschini frameone 9 quarto todeschini frameone 10 quarto todeschini frameone


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