SER Collection by Todeschini Inc – The house’s heart

No wonder that Todeschini tops the list of the  planned furniture companies  in Brazil. Repeating the 2013′ recipe Todeschini maintains the status of being a Incorporation that follows concepts and philosophies. Its thick catalog, relaxed, full of Brazilities with good visual and intellectual content show it clearly. This is a marketing piece that surpases by far the repetitive tabloids of planned furniture that we see around.

The project aims to sow dreams, to inspire people and show that the house is a passionate place.

It was up to us, from FrameOne, the creation of environments that could illustrate this new campaign.

When we received the catalog’s theme, “The House’s Heart”, the idea of creating different environments from each other was replaced, we decided to create environments divided by residences, where each expresses a lifestyle. This thinking permeates subtly all illustrations of the work.

In the next posts we will get to show deeply each of the residences, in every idea we had and unmask what they have to say.

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