The Chairs History, Middle Ages, Byzantine

Constant raids and battles have destroyed much of the middle age’s historical registers. Human’s body research and proportions studied by the Greeks and Romans were abolished, and with it, the organic design that made furniture more comfortable. At this time, chairs started to have high adorned… Continue reading


The Chairs History, Old Ages, ROME

Rome’s furniture design is a consequence from the Greek design, however, its main trait features a showoff of power and luxury. Their chairs were made with noble materials such as bronze, marble and a variety of precious stones. The decor was sumptuous, all naturalistic and ornamentation… Continue reading


The Chairs History, Old Age, EGITO

It is in the Old Age, more precisely in Egypt, we find record of the oldest chairs of history. The stool as their great predecessors, its evolution began when they started being manufactured with rounded seats, demonstrating an existing concern of combining comfort to its aesthetics…. Continue reading

The Chairs History

More than drawing, the design is solving problems and meeting needs in a creative and innovative way, developing projects that change people’s life. Among the many inventions of mankind, one of the most explored objects by designers is the chair. One of the most commonly used… Continue reading

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