Marketing uma batalha de percepção, não de produtos.

Marketing: a battle of perception, not of products.

We are frantically bombed every day with new releases and products campaigns, making the marketer’s life become totally challenging. After all, it has been even harder to capture people’s attention.

To help you out over that minefield, we have separated this post with some secrets that we have used on the partenerships which we have with our customers. Stay tuned!

The Public

A good marketing campaign needs to be focused on the public that buys our product. The understanding of who is the best customer to our brand, it’s an accurate step to the success of a campaign.

When we think directly about the customer, soon their needs will guide every steps that we will make. Then, that will be the base to: determine the style, where and when conducting it, what the customer is looking for, what he needs to know before buying and so on…

It’s always good to remember that we are speaking about individuals, however you should be careful with trouble on determining a generic public profile, like:

“Young people from 22 to 28 years old that live with their parents, the majority are students and they receive R$ 1.000,00 per month.”

Look to the public in an individual way, always focused on transmitting them the message that their product has been made specially for them.

And how to do it, alright? How about we start by a customer list which you already have? Begin separating and taking notes of the qualifications that each one has. This way you will map some essentials matters to the campaign success, besides noticing there are lots of matters in common that worth to be highlighted. Analyze these questions bellow:

  • What is the customer reason to buy my product?
  • How was the experience of buying?
  • Where does this customer spend his money?
  • Besides buying from me, what does he need or like to buy?
  • What is his age, genre, profession, work position and academic graduation?

Keep on contact with your customers regularly. Calling them is a good way to do that. Look at speaking script you could follow:

  • Could you tell me what the reason you bought our product?
  • What was the problem that you were try to solve when you acquired our product? (Understanding the reason will make difference on the time to conduct the client’s campaign)
  • What have you learned about us in our campaigns?
  • How often do you buy products like these?

The Media

When we talk about the media, we need to analise the profile, the habit of our customers, without forgetting the statistics the regarding use of vehicles of communications.

In a research made in Brazil by IBOPE (Statistics Agency from Brazil) with over than 18 thousand interviewed people, it was obtained important numbers.

– 95% of the interviewed have said that they watch TV, and 73% are used to watching TV daily. The brazilians average watch TV 4:31 hours per day, of course, you can consider that they are “exposed to TV”.

– The radio went down between 2013 and 2014 (from 61% to 55%).

– Almost half of brazilians, 48%, use the internet. The percent of people that use internet every day, increased from 26% in 2013 to 37% in 2014. The new media users stayed connected on average 4:59 hours per day during the week and 4:24 hours on the weekend.

– The mobile phone use as a way to access to the internet already competes with the use through notebook or computers, from 66% to 71% respectively.

In general analysis is easy to observe that the TV keeps being the most predominant communication way and the internet has been a significant role in this scenario. Remembering that the newspaper has been the most trustworthy vehicle of communication to the brazilians.

In this informations storm and amount of transformations, you should be creative and consider the numbers above, because they are primordial for a decision-making.


The marketing is not a product battle, but of perception. You can be sure that your brain has already recorded what you maybe you consciously still did not see.

Today, those who can do their public to realize more easily the informations, they will have more success in their marketing strategy.

In the marketing remains that maxim:

“A picture is worth a thousand words”

There are many details that need to be observed to help the brain to realize the wished information. The Picture dimension, the colors, the quality, the simplicity of information, the angle and so on…

It may look obvious but the eyes were made to see and not to read, our capacity to see and to interpret since its born.

To help you understand better, we separated some important data.


  1. The brain is able to process 60.000 times faster pictures than texts;
  2. It receives 90% of information by the vision;
  3. 40% of people react better with pictures than texts;
  4. In social network that increases to 44%;
  5. 60% of consumers are more likely to click and search for a product on internet when a picture pleases them;
  6. The materials have been conducted online with high quality pictures (Those that take our breath away), they are those which engage and receive more numbers of visits;
  7. In Brazil 66 millions of people have been watching a total of 11 billions of online video;
  8. Consumers that have seen a vídeo about the product have 85% more chance to buy it;
  9. Images have strong emotional elements which are able to cause fellings like joy, rage, desire and etc.

Our tips:

  1. The images choice is primordial, because an uninteresting image can show oppositive effect and take the public away.
  2. Do not use just images, but a visual contente to represent your product. Create a set of possibilities and sensations. Interpret the people’s necessity througth images.
  3. Respects your branding, analyze who you are, how is your product and which type images they deserve.

Speak through images. Inspire your public!

Search and have as inspiration the companies that focused in the best way to reach the consumers’ brain and concentrate their efforts to line up the message content with the visual quality of product image. As an example look here the Alcoa Case. Another example that can be studied is the McMuffin McDonald’s Campaign.

It’s very common for us, the designers, that we should have inspirations and dreams about our products. Due to that we need understand all that involves our marketing campaign: From product until end consumer.


“Remember this, marketing is understanding to suit”


I wish you a great campaign!



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