The Chairs History

More than drawing, the design is solving problems and meeting needs in a creative and innovative way, developing projects that change people’s life.

Among the many inventions of mankind, one of the most explored objects by designers is the chair.

One of the most commonly used criations in our daily life, comfortable, functional with a strong aesthetic appeal, the chair is an object loaded with symbolism that has undergone transformations over time.

It is an object that for years has been exploited by designers from around the world, attracting attention for its many styles and anatomical shapes, giving to this furniture growing prestige in decoration and creation of environments.

Its constant transformation makes it worth checking every step of its creation and historical development.

How about learning more about the evolution of design throughout history?

In the next posts we will tell you some of that history, from ancient age, through the middle and modern age, and finally reaching today.

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